Mom Friendships – The Struggle Is Real

I'm not going to say there's an easy way or it's never going to happen to find friends after becoming a parent. It takes a lot of time and work which parents don't have. It sucks. But I can say, I've been there. I know. The struggle is real.

Toddler Responsibilities

Ever notice you're so used to doing things for your baby/kid you don't even realize when they are able to do things on their own? We've found, helping around the house is one of the biggest surprises.

Moving Beyond Thoughts and Prayers

I'm angry, sad, scared, overwhelmed, worried, frustrated, powerless and other emotions I can't name.  The lack of control over the safety of my family is terrifying.  How do we make sense of these awful tragedies?  How do we move on?

My Non Typical Favorite Milestones

Sitting, crawling, and talking are OK. But there are some milestones I get really jazzed about, but you won't find them in the baby books. These are the milestones REAL parents should be looking forward too, and usually don't know how great they are until they happen.

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