My Non Typical Favorite Milestones

Sitting, crawling, and talking are OK. But there are some milestones I get really jazzed about, but you won't find them in the baby books. These are the milestones REAL parents should be looking forward too, and usually don't know how great they are until they happen.

The Mommy Friendship Hustle

Becoming a Mom can feel like you are starting at square one again when it comes to friendships. To make and maintain mom friendships you have to hustle in ways you never had to with your dating game. Schedules that don't align, rejections, and mom obligations all get in the way of connecting during a time we need it most.

Mom and Son Date In The City

Once school starts back up, Reece and I won't have as many solo days together. We decided a big mommy/son date was needed before summer ends. We spent a morning exploring Boston's Back Bay and Beacon Hill.

Reece’s Dr. Seuss Birthday

How have I been a mom for 4 years already?! To celebrate, Reece picked a Dr. Seuss theme. I had to get a little creative since there's not a lot of Dr. Seuss party supplies. Here's what I did.

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