Home Schooling Unexpectedly During Social Distancing

I am rushing to get this posted, so please excuse any typos/grammar mistakes. I know where are all scrambling to figure out what to do with the next few weeks of unexpectedly having to start home schooling and being self quarantined. I’m hoping this post helps at least one mom out there with how to plan for the weeks ahead. I know some are planning no plan, but Reece needs a schedule so I’ve been working hard all weekend to make a plan.

Below is our (totally flexible) schedule for off the cuff home schooling. I’ll be adding links and editing, but I just really wanted to get this out tonight ASAP.


ABC Mouse is offering 30 days free then $10/mo. Just a heads up, I’ve heard it’s a little bit of a pain to cancel, but we downloaded it and it’s worth it if we will be home schooling with zero experience and prep lead.

Circle Time Fun is free videos. We will be using the cooking classes this week and possibly exploring the art, science, and play classes next week. I’ll review next weekend when I’m not trying to sort through a few dozen different apps and sites for home school lessons.

Art Studio is a website I found with a few art ideas.

(Links to our Tues/Thurs activities are. at the bottom.)

More Links!

PBS Learning Media has a ton of free lessons, interactive and videos. I couldn’t get the interactive lessons to load but that might be a glitch or just my computer I’m not sure but the videos work fine and I can see totally interesting my kids.

Remember Scholastic as a kid? It’s gotten an updated twist to it with tons of plans. You can get a certain number of lessons for free, after that it’s pay for 6 or 12 months.

Another list I found of Amazing Educational Resources. Tons to go through that are offering free services during school cancelations. It’s for a variety of ages/grades

OutSchool seems promising, I’ll be looking into it more Monday night.

Another google sheet of Enrichment Activities to do at home.

Finally, Busy Toddlers is giving a discount on her ebooks. If you don’t follow her IG, check out her account as well for endless ideas.

Edited to add more links!
Awesome author of the Elephant & Piggy series and Don’t Let the Pigeon.. series, Mo Willems, is doing a daily live 1pm ET daily where he does doodles and shows some of his drafts. Kids have loved LunchDoodles.

I hope this helps you.

I also want to say, it’s OK to be stressed. It’s OK to be scared. It’s OK to be overwhelmed. And it’s totally OK to give up on any schedule for screens or play time when the kids start going up the walls. We have to give ourselves grace and lower our expectations. LIKE, TO ZERO. It’s the easiest way to not lose our sanity.

Please comment and share other great resources you have found – spread the solidarity of unexpected at home learning during this crazy time.
xoxo – Jeana

5 thoughts on “Home Schooling Unexpectedly During Social Distancing

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    1. I did not take your comment in a bad way at all! Just too busy with the kids to respond sooner. šŸ™‚ We planned to use ABC Mouse today but I think every mom on the east coast at 9am was also trying to do the same thing and overloaded the system. Hoping our scheduled ABC Mouse time tomorrow is more successful!

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      1. Oh I understand and that’s why it took me a bit to realize my comment about already homeschooling sounded jerky instead of joking. Ha! I was just being a smart butt, not gloating. Believe me! Not gloating! lol!

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  1. First, I love this.

    We are all building the plane while in flight (I hate that saying but it’s so true) so you may be finding yourself needing to give yourself some compassion and grace. We aren’t used to this kind of thing and neither are our kids, big and small.


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