A Week of LEGO Camp

Reece and Kat love to run around outside, draw, play with their kitchen set, but more than anything else, they love to build. If they could only do one type of play ever again it would probably be creative building. They love train tracks, blocks, magnetic tiles, hot wheel tracks, and, of course, LEGOs. So when I found a special STEM LEGO camp nearby it was a no brainer to sign up! And bonus – this year Kat is old enough!

The kids are always excited for camp but LEGO camp has by far been peak level excitement. There’s been no fuss getting dressed and leaving the house in the morning. This excitement only waned Friday morning, the last day, because it was pouring out which had all of us feeling a little blah.

Picking them up is the best part of camp. Well, the three kid free hours in the morning are also pretty great. Kat has a half day, Reece was finally old enough this year for full day. When I pick Kat up it’s special time together and she gets my undivided attention when showing me her projects.

Picking up Reece is also as sweet. As soon as Reece and Kat see each other he beelines it to us and hugs Kat, then they hold hands and he drags her to his LEGO project so he can show off.

The cool thing about this particular camp is that it’s a STEM program and it’s not just putting LEGOs together per the instruction book or completely directionless. They are given a brief of what to make such as making a ferris wheel and they can build it however they want. Gears and batteries are given to help turn the kid’s projects into mini machines.

The not so cool part of LEGO camp is the girl-boy ratio! There’s only three girls in each group out of about 20 kids. It bummed me out a little.

Mom of girls, these types of camps are fun for girls too! Kat is into “girl” things but still had such a blast. Camp is so stimulating she napped four out of five days – she stopped napping two years ago!

I did a quick search to see if you could find LEGO or STEM camps in multiple locations and this one for Boston areas popped up right away, AND they even have a specific girl STEM camp!

If you have the resources or are already doing a camp, give a STEM or LEGO camp at least one week of the summer! A week later and the kids are still talking about how much they love the camp. Which is saying a lot because my kids forget what they did that day by the time I pick them up.

I’m always excited to explore other camps. I’ve also found a theater camp, art camp and workshops, YMCA, town/rec camps, dance, and gymnastic camps. What camps do your kids do?

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