Reece Turns 6! Heart Birthday Party

Back in February I asked Kat what she wanted to do for her birthday party. Obviously, she picked a unicorn party since this is her current obsession and unicorns must be included in her outfit every day. Reece then took the chance to exclaim he wanted to do a heart party – again – for the second year in a row.

Since this declaration was made four months before his party I figured it wasn’t worth finalizing any plans since kids change their minds. BUT… Reece’s mind was set, even checking that he wanted to do it again and not try something different this year.

Luckily, due to one part laziness, one part we just don’t use our breezeway, the breezeway where we serve the party food was already decorated from the heart party via 2018. One thing less to do, check! But I did want to try and change up the food this year.

Nom Nom Nom

I made these super cute rainbow meringues

These are pretty tricky as you need castor sugar which I do not have, it’s in-between granulated and powdered sugar so I ground granulated sugar for 10 minutes in my food processor. Additionally, I had never made these before so it was a slow process. Then I dropped most of what I had already made. Luckily I understood how to make them and whipped up a second batch pretty quickly, but almost lost my mind for a moment when I initially dropped them.

Dropped meringue puffs
The horror!!!

It worked out for the best because the second batch looked and tasted better. I found this recipe from Crumbs and Dollies.

The other food I made were heart shaped rice crispy treats, Pirates Booty (because what kid party doesn’t have that?), goldfish, chips, and popcorn. My brother brought over pizza at some point because he was hungry.

Note the heart background – completely recycled from last year

I also had a little beverage area for lemonade and a cooler below with water and juice boxes.

Beverage table

I added sugar heart cookies I made next to the lemonade as party favors.

Heart cookies and sticker favors


We had hoped since it was mid June we could have the party in the yard with kids playing, but that didn’t happen. It was on and off rainy so we moved the party indoors. It was pretty much just a big play date, no scheduled activities, just fun however the kids wanted it.

No fighting happened, a small miracle, and after the party the cleanup was shockingly minimal. Just the hotwheels set, train tracks and a few dolls. We’ve had parties that were in the yard but a friend didn’t want to be outside and made a bigger mess.

Heart Birthday Cake

I will say, the cake this year was soooo much harder than last year, but didn’t have the same wow effect as last year. I somehow pulled off so it was somewhat close to what I was trying to do after many chocolate temperings that went horribly awry.

That said, all the time planning a HEART birthday party, the day before Reece mentioned he wanted a heart AND dinosaur cake. FML. I picked up a couple dino favors at my favorite place and threw them on top at candle time. He loved it.

Reece showing off his moves to Uncle Mike
Reece showing off his moves to Uncle Mike

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