Kat’s Unicorn Birthday

When I asked Kat what kind of birthday party she wanted, I pretty much already knew and sure enough – a unicorn party. I don’t know if it’s because it’s so trendy or she fell in love with unicorns on her own. Either way, here we are on the unicorn train. Not that it’s a bad thing, but I think this girl has 3 more unicorn parties left in her system. Haha.

Getting Ready

Before the party, Kat had to get her nails done so we had special time together before the party.

I found a great vanilla cake recipe from Preppy Kitchen. My kids are both obsessed with his Youtube channel and his recipes are super yummy. I even taped his recipe, along with my frosting recipe to the inside of my cabinet for easy access.

Cake creations in progress here!

Unfortunately, I had some issues with the bake a couple times, which hardly ever happens to me and put me wayyyy behind schedule. I was still decorating the cake up until guests were arriving! Normally I like to be done with the cake the day before. Luckily my guests didn’t even notice.

Ruined cake bakes
One of two ruined cake bakes

Because the party was at 2PM we didn’t go all out on food. Some of Kat’s favorite foods: fruit salad, Pirates Booty, pretzels, popcorn, popper chips, animal crackers, and mini meatballs. I also made lemonade since lemons are one of Kat’s favorite flavors. I had kept the hearts up in our breezeway from Reece’s birthday last year and added a modern art style rainbow over them to jazz up the white wall.

Party Time!

For the most part they just ran around playing with the cars, dolls, etc. in the play room. The weather didn’t cooperate, otherwise we would have spent most of the party on the driveway doing sidewalk chalk. We did that for Reece’s party last year and it was a huge success.

About to blow candles of unicorn cake
Here Reece is just as excited as Kat is for the candles and cake.

One of the best parts of her birthday was how much she loved the cake I labored so much over. Woohoo!

The number one moment was when Kat and her two best friends did an entire series of pictures at the “photo booth.” AKA the rainbow tablecloth we taped to the wall, shh!

Kat and her girls
Kat's birthday gifts
She got a pretty good haul just from mom and dad. A new unicorn of course, and several dinosaur items which are her second favorite, plus new furniture for her dollhouse and she specifically requested PJ Mask. I might do a post about the book she got.

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