Fresh Finds

Trying out something new for this weeks Fresh Finds. Great kid lit I’ve found, what I’m reading, things I’ve worn this week, deals I’ve found and a high and low of the week. Happy Friday!

Great Kid Lit Finds

The Wall in the Middle of the Book, by Jon Agee
Loving Hands, by Tony Johnson

What I’m Reading

When Life Gives You Lululemons, by Lauren Weisberger – It’s my bookclub’s pick that I’m half way through and so far it’s a lot of fun. It’s in the same “world” as The Devil Wears Prada.

Worn this week

Athleta Mindset Sweatshirt, $69 I got it before it went to online exclusive. I’ve been living in this comfy and light sweatshirt all week!
H&M Sports Top $17.99

A Couple Deals!

Southport Patio Egg Chair by Opalhouse, $399.99 with a 15% off with the code: SUNNY
9″ Metal Watering Can by Project 62, $15.99 – Spray paint it black or gold for a little home decor while watering your house plants.
Tory Burch Thin Flip Flops, $38.86 – Love these and they are in my cart.

Our High/Low

We had a few really good highs this week. The first was over the weekend when my brother watched the kids so Rich and I could watch the – 3 hour long – Avengers movie. Woohoo for adult time that didn’t cost 4 hours worth of babysitting!

Another high was getting flocked! It’s a fundraiser in our town where you pay $20 to flock a friend anonymously or pay $10 for “flock insurance” so you won’t be flocked. It’s unique and a nice way to fundraise without ending up with 20 rolls of wrapping paper.

My last big high of the week was Kat and I having a great morning & afternoon together on Thursday. We didn’t do anything special but it was all things we enjoy to do together: our workout/gymnastics class, shopping at Target, dance class, art class. Nothing out of the ordinary but just a great day together.

Oh yeah, and it was Mother’s Day, which we had no plans for but soccer was rained out so we spontaneously went to lunch at one of my favorite restaurants which we haven’t gone to in a long time.

The biggest low of the week was the weather. It’s mostly been rainy and chilly. I also think my garden has been suffering, planting my seedlings might not be a success. Keeping my fingers crossed they start to thrive soon and looking forward to a weekend of possibly good weather.

Happy Friday!

Pretty much the weather every day this week. Boo!

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