Goodbye Threenager, Hello Four.

Kat turned four, and I’m feeling nostalgic for the day I ‘knew” I would meet her. This isn’t a full labor story, but just a silly story about the day before that I wanted to share.

A throwback to one of our last moments as a family of three before we met Kat. This was taken the day before!

I woke up that morning and had a feeling and knew. I told my bother, “I’m going to go into labor today.” His response was horror and told me to lie down then (I was 38 weeks pregnant).

I insisted Rich and I HAD to get lunch at Whole Foods because I was going to have my second baby that day. Just before noon Rich, Reece and I clambered into the car and headed over but there was too much traffic. Rich had a meeting he couldn’t miss, we had to go back lunchless. I was devastated and furious. It was something I “had” to do before I had this baby.

Don’t try to rationalize with a very pregnant lady when it comes to food. We were moving in four days, which meant I didn’t get to nest by making a cute nursery or prepping a ton of frozen meals. Filling my food cravings was all I had.

At dinner we climbed back into the car and had dinner at Whole Foods. Ahhh. It wasn’t even that good, but satisfied my craving.

Wouldn’t you know Kat made me a liar. 1:00am the next morning my water broke. So I did not go into labor that morning, but I came pretty close, within an hour!

I had been having preterm contractions since 29 weeks so we decided to head to the hospital ASAP even though my contractions hadn’t started. Once my brother got to the house to stay with Reece, poor guy getting that 1:00AM call and having to groggily rush over.

Good thing, by the time we got to triage I was ready for an epidural. Then things slowed down and stalled for several hours until Kat was good and ready when suddenly things progressed within a few minutes – after 12 hours of stalling – and we met our little girl.

Did you know you would go that day ON that day before it happened? Or where you like me my first time around, was in labor and didn’t realize it until I was 5cm? 

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