Unpopular Mom Opinion: I Like Kid Activities

I’m a mom, and I like kid activities. Actually, I don’t like them, I love them. I’m not sure why I’m the only mom that seems to feel this way. I feel like so many moms complain about extracurricular activities. How they take up so much time, the other moms at the classes are lame, it’s boring, the complaints seem to go on…

If you’ve been reading my blog or follow me on Instagram, I’m sure you can tell that art class is the highlight of our (my?) week. I enjoy their other activities too, except for swim class when I have to go IN the pool. No thank you! This body is not made to go in a pool in January.

So why do I enjoy the kid’s activities? What am I getting out of these classes that are for my kids?

Motivation To Leave the House!

The biggest factor is it gets us in gear so we don’t just hang out at the house all day. It’s a weekly guarantee that I have to put some effort at some point into getting dressed. It can be hard to leave the house with two young kids, worse if you live where winters are rough, even more terrible if there’s zero motivating factors. Our extracurriculars give us a reason to not stay inside and go stir crazy.


It doesn’t mean I’ll be social that day, but chances are much slimmer of talking to any adults on a given day if we are left to our own devices. And it doesn’t mean that I’ll make friends and we’ll start a play group. But it’s nice to have an actual conversation during the day.

Lots of Fun and Play, No Cleanup

Art class has a sensory bin that’s always a hit, but also means a mess is sure to happen, and painting is an obvious mess waiting to happen. BUT, when we are done, we get in our car and drive away. No bits of rice to find for weeks under furniture.

Active Kids Means Tired Kids

We play at home, but swimming, gymnastics, dance, basketball, etc. are going to tire them out way more than any planned activity at home. Sometimes Reece and Kat can’t even make it though the less than ten minute car ride home. By bedtime they are READY, on occasion they bypass the book and just climb into bed they are so ready. #momwin

Alone Time

Once your kids are old enough, you can do drop offs and have the option to hang out with other parents or get the f–k out of there! This is your time to take a break if you want so go for it! Sometimes I run to the store without kids, sometimes I’ll do some work, sometimes I’ll just read a book or scroll FaceBook.

I Have Fun Too

It’s cheesy, but I love watching their art evolve or learn how to dribble a basketball first hand, or seeing how proud Reece is when he got the basketball in the net the first time! OK, I admit, Kat was crying about something so I missed seeing it, but I was there to celebrate with him and watched as he immediately got in a second basket.

The activities we go to have teachers solely focused on the lesson plan. When I try to do these things with them it’s chaotic. I can actually take the time to enjoy what they are working on because I don’t have the stress of trying to think through the activity start to finish.

I know the more extracurriculars you do, the more it can feel like a time suck with getting the kids ready, in the car, and driving there. It can be time consuming, but it’s a great way to fill out day with more than just playing with our toys at home, the backyard, or the playground.

There are also so many different options it’s almost hard to not overpack the schedule because everything seems so cool! Cooking classes for a 5 year old, what?! I didn’t have that growing up. I try to leave some days off, more in the summer than winter, but it’s hard to not be tempted when there are so many interesting options.

Are you a mom that loves kid activities but pretending? Maybe my love for enrichment classes is an unpopular opinion. Let me know, are kid activities something you dread or can’t wait to sign up for?

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