Friday Find – She’s Got This

She’s Got This, by Laurie Hernandez, illustrated by Nina Mata, has become a bedtime favorite for Kat recently. At three years old, we’ve landing into the bedtime pattern of a select few rotating books that make the cut and are the only acceptable books for several months at a time.

It’s pretty stiff competition within our bookshelves to hold this honor for Kat who is even more picky than Reece was at this age! In fact, I read “My New Baby” book by Rachel Fuller every day for nap and bed time for over nine months with Reece! NINE!

So while you might not think this book pertains to your family because you’re not into gymnastics, I have to say, check it out regardless. This isn’t a book about gymnastics. I mean, it is a book about gymnastics, but it’s more than that.

It’s about how even when something comes naturally to us, as gymnastics did for Zoey in the book, we can still mess up or fall. We don’t have to let that shake us to our core. It doesn’t mean we are failures or unable to improve.

We all know the cliche saying, “If you fall, get back up.” There’s so much more to this though. Sometimes we get embarrassed or lose our confidence. It means we are afraid to do something we used to feel passionately about and enjoyed. Adults and children alike can relate to the frustration felt when something we think is easy turns out to be hard work.

She’s Got This demonstrates working through the fear in order to reach your goals. A great book for children who might struggle with confidence. This book can help adults open up a conversation about pushing through fears and frustrations and that falling doesn’t mean failure, but instead it’s part of the process of learning. A fun book also, of course, if child simply loves gymnastics.

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