Our Favorite Love Books

Barely getting this out in time for Valentine’s Day, a few picture books about love in its many forms.

my heart, by Corinna Luyken

This book talks about the quiet moments of love. From exuberant to sad feelings. I especially love the crafty way the illustrator works hearts onto the page.

Mother Bruce, by Ryan T. Higgins

This funny story finds love in an unexpected place when Bruce the bear buys eggs, his favorite thing to eat, and while he prepares his meal the eggs hatch making him an instant duckling mama. Bruce tries to dissuade the baby ducklings, but ultimately he embraces his baby ducklings. Although he will never buy eggs again.

Dad By My Side, by Soosh

The special bond between a dad and daughter. I love the juxtaposition with the giant dad and tiny little girl. Even without the words, it speaks volumes of how dads are seen through a little girls eyes. 

The Runaway Bunny, by Margaret Wise Brown, illustrated by Clement Hurd

A classic picture book about a mother bunny and her sassy baby bunny. Baby bunny schemes to run away and mother bunny tells him the great lengths she will go to find him again.

The Invisible String, by Patrice Karst, illustrated by Geoff Stevenson

Did you know there’s an invisible string connecting your heart to those you love? When you need your loved one just pull on your string and they can give a tug back. This string knows no bounds wether it’s from home to school or Earth to heaven. We are never truly alone.

A Day in the Life of Marlon Bundo, by Marlon Bundo with Jill Twiss, illustrated by EG Keller

Relationships don’t need to conform to what is expected, and stink beetles can’t tell anyone who they can and can’t love. Some topics can be hard to broach with our kids, this is an easy way to open the door. And one of the only picture books I’ve found that broaches the topic of same sex relationships.

I’ve Loved You Since Forever, by Hoda Kotb, illustrated by Suzie Mason

An easy read with vast illustrations. The book is a sweet love note from a parent to their baby.

There are so many amazing books we love. I could go on and on, here are a few additional books to check out, some I have written about before:

Oliver’s Tree, by Kit Chase
Stick and Stone, by Beth Ferry and Tom Lichtenheld
We Love Each Other, by Yusake Yonezu
I Love You Through and Through, by Bernadette Rossetti-Shustak
you belong here, by M.H. Clark, illustrated by Isabelle Arsenault
Peanut & Grape, by Kathy Knight, illustrated by Shannon Chandler

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