New Adventures and Changes in 2018

Last week I wrote about our constant daily adventures in 2018. This post is the big stuff or new milestones we had.

We Started Off With a Boom

We lost our biggest tree to a storm. Then a week later we lost a third of our birch tree to a snow storm where the heavy snow overtook one of the trunks. Whew! RIP Oak tree.

A New Arrival

We expanded our family by adopting Shadow! The most chatty cat I’ve met, but also very kid-patient. Within two days the kids couldn’t live without him, unfortunately for me because some days he’s more work than Kat and Reece combined. He’s a good cat, if only he’d stay off the counter…

New Adventures For Kat

Kat turned three, started getting into the car herself, left her daycare, went to her first camp and started preschool – all in the span of a year. Whew! She’s started looking and sounding more kid like and less baby. It’s awesome but a little sad.

Kat is in the in between of toddlerdom and little girl. It’s more apparent every day. She can “do it [her]self” with pretty much all things. Climbing into the car herself, getting dressed, opening impossible food packages that I can’t even open… She also ditched the diapers and “NEEDS PRIVACY” while on the potty.

Reece’s Adventures

Reece had some big milestones. He turned 5, graduated from preschool to “the big school” Kindergarten! He also became more serious and aware. I had to field some big questions this year, “Why do people die? When do people die? How many days do they live? How do people die?” I wasn’t exaggerating, yikes. And from some of the books we read he had questions about race, prejudice, and gender norms. Answers to those questions might be a whole other blog. 2018 was the start of BIG conversations with my no longer little baby.

In a span of two weeks Reece went from being overwhelmed and frustrated trying to read, to reading full sentences. I was on the verge of throwing my hands in the air and not bothering to deal with the struggle at bedtime where we read a book every night to splitting one book he reads, one book I read. It’s so amazing that even still they can jump through milestones so quickly.


We survived Disney! I’m not into parks, but I have a friend that I’ve been wanting to visit for so long and she lives super close to Disney. So, we decided to do a big Disney trip. I think part of what made the trip so enjoyable was going to visit my friend who acted as our own personal mini-tour guide. The magic of meeting Anna and Elsa was also the high point of the trip, making all the stress, money, and planning worth it for our family.

Thyroid Cancer

For me, the biggest life event was being diagnoses with cancer. Luckily it was caught before it had spread outside of my thyroid bed, but even with a good prognosis a cancer diagnosis isn’t easy. I had to have surgery, a recovery from that, then RAI (radioactive iodine treatment).

Toddler Dates

I still pushed some special one on one time with Reece. In preschool Kat and I got one free day just the two of us while Reece was in school. Once Reece moved up to the big school it’s a five day week so Kat and I now have two days of one on one time. The few days in the year when Reece was home without Kat we made sure to have special time.

We went to the ICA (Institute of Contemporary Art) in Boston and lunch afterwards in August. In July we went to the splash pad where he splashed around for two hours, had an ice cream, and a picnic. Both times he promptly passed out afterwards. Our day at the museum he didn’t even make it to the car.

I’m not going to say 2018 was the best year ever. Disney, while fun, is still so stressful and having cancer obviously isn’t awesome… But life with a 3 and 5 year old was a little easier than a 2 and 4 year old. Reece and Kat’s bond is so amazing and makes all the craziness of motherhood – well, not melt away – but worth the tough moments.

2019, we’re ready for you!

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