Adventures In 2018 With My Peanuts

2018 brought a lot of changes our way, but also a lot of the same things. This is our year in review, all the things we love to do and continued to do. I’ll be posting a second post this week with new happenings in 2018 so stay tuned!

Outdoor Adventures

We played outside. A lot. We kicked off the year, to Reece’s delight with snow and it didn’t let up until February where we had an unseasonably warm (sometimes 50s!) month. We made a few snowmen, that the kids destroyed almost right after we made them and Reece taught Kat the art of the snow angel.

Even when the snow melted we still played in the yard all the time and also made it to the splash pad a few times and the playground with our friends.

We also did a TON of PYO: apples, strawberries, cherries, blueberries, and pumpkins.

I started to discover Reece’s passion for dance. Kat’s inner fashionista started to emerge, her hair became long enough to pull back and she sometimes let me style it.

Both my babies started phasing out of naps.

Food Trends

Over the winter Kat and I also discovered our mutual love for salad and SweetGreen became our special lunch place.

Kat and Reece also ate A LOT of donuts, thanks to weekly visits at my Dad’s donut shop. (No cavities!)

We also had a few smoothies… Plus got into homemade lemonade and pickles. And I continued to cook tons of dinners the kids, 85% of the time, didn’t eat.

Adventures Through Creativity & Imagination

When we were stuck inside due to weather, or when I wasn’t feeling great, the kids created crazy structures out of train tracks, magnetic tiles, blocks, dolls, anything they could imagine. I swear, they are toddler architects! And they also read a good amount to spark ideas.

We continued to create a ton of art (at home and art class) and played in the sensory bin.

And of course, soooo much sibling love, hugs, and kisses. Tons of fights too, but I don’t have many pictures, if any, of those. We fight, it’s not always a love fest, but a good amount of the time it is with these two!

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