Mom Photography: Retouch

One of the photo apps I use for editing is Retouch. It’s cheap (only $1.99) and easy to use. I mentioned Retouch in a previous post where I mentioned a few easy to use apps that any beginner can use to quickly enhance a photo.

What Can Retouch Do?

For how inexpensive it is, this app is great for removing small people/objects in the background.  Below you can see Kat and Reece at a strawberry field. Not the best picture, but it’s easy to see how the object removal feature works.

Retouch tutorial

How To:

Open the app, go to albums, camera roll, and select an image. Click on “object remover,” then highlight the area you want to remove and click “go.” Sorry Reece! Sometimes you have to fiddle with it a little bit depending on what you are trying to touch up, highlight a couple times to get it just right.

I prefer free apps because I hate committing to an app and not being sure if I’ll use it or if I’ll like it, but this one was worth it. And for a one time coast of $1.99 it wasn’t breaking the bank.  Let me know if there’s an app you love or if there’s one you’ve wanted to try out but weren’t sure where to start leave it in the comments.

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