Friday Finds – This Weeks Amazon Bookstore Haul

I’d say don’t tell my husband, but he’s already well aware of my love from the Amazon bookstore near our house. I try to keep it to one or two books when I go by there, but couldn’t help myself last week. Here’s a roundup of the books I picked up.

All Are Welcome
By Alexandra Penfold, illustrated by Suzane Kaufman

This book celebrates kindness and diversity. It’s a safe place where all are welcome here. Taking in different cultures, learning about them, being the same but different and somehow blending together without losing your individuality.

After the Fall
Written and illustrated by Dan Santat

We all know the story about how Humpty Dumpty fell off the wall. This is about the fears we have from falls like Humpty’s and those fears hold us back from things that bring us joy. The ways we work around them to bring a shadow of that joy back, and ultimately, pushing past our fears to reach new heights.

The Berenstain Bears Visit the Dentist
By Stan & Jan BerenstainBerenstain Bears Visit the Dentist book

The dentist makes pretty nervous, while Kat just jumps right up onto the chair and doesn’t need me in the room. The Berenstain Bears visit the dentist and all the steps and tools are talked about which really opened up a dialog for Reece about the dentist. Might not make the dentist smooth sailing, but anything that will possibly ease his nerves is worth trying!

The Day You Begin
By Jacqueline Woodson, illustrated by Rafael López

Reece showing off The Day You Begin
Reece showing off The Day You Begin. I asked him to smile and got this face instead.

Angelina is stuck in her head over how she is different from the other kids in the class. From there, the book explores how the other children in the class can feel alone in how they are different. After the entire class talks about their exciting summer adventures it’s Angelina’s turn and she bravely tells the class the places she traveled were through books she read with her sister. That’s when another student yells out his sister has the same name. It’s such a kid way to realize connections between friends, and I love it.

I also got I am Human, which I wrote about last week for my list of children’s books dealing with emotions. I pretty good round up of books, should I go back today for more, or maybe wait until next week….?

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