Friday Finds – Children’s Books About Feelings

Now that I’m feeling better, have less appointments, and the kids are settled into school I am going to try to get back into posting more regularly. I’m starting with some children’s books that cover different emotions. If you’re looking for some books to read to your children about emotions and how to express those feelings, these five are a great place to start.

Hands Are Not for Hitting
By Martine Agassi and illustrated by Marieka HeinlenHands Are Not for Hitting - book

Since siblings love to argue, it often turns into hitting or pushing fast, a book about hitting is top of my list thanks to Kat and Reece. Hands Are Not for Hitting talks about all the things we use our hands for instead hitting. The last page of the book also has great suggestions/tips for parents to assist children with how to not hit and what to do if they have.

Calm-Down Time
By Elizabeth Verdick and illustrated by Marieka HeinlenCalm-Down Time - book

Frustration, anger, and sadness is tricky for kids. Sometimes kids have difficulty expressing emotions and need to let go of these feelings in a constructive way. Sometimes a quiet time is needed instead, or counting or a hug. Just a few ideas the book has. This one also has several suggestions for parents to assist with calming down.

I Can Handle it!
By Laurie Write and illustrated by Ana SantosI Can Handle It! - Book

Many different scenarios that children might/do encounter and then gives a few options of what you can do in a kind way, proving to yourself that you can handle it.

I am Human
By Susan Verde and illustrated by Peter H. ReynoldsI Am Human - book of emotions

The book takes you through an entire array of emotions: sadness, curious, afraid, amazed. It’s a small journey of how we are unique, how our differences are amazing. How sometimes we hurt people without meaning to and what we can do about it. I like this book because it highlights empathy and compassion.

How is Daniel Feeling?
By Maggie Testa (Adapter) and illustrated by Jason FruchterHow Is Daniel Feeling? - book

Several of our favorite Daniel Tiger songs are included in the book, so brush up! It’s a quick compilation of several episodes of the television series, how the neighbors feel, and how to handle the emotions. If you have a Daniel Tiger fan at home, this is a good book to pick up!


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