Photo Editing: Snapseed

Snapseed is one of the most popular photo editing apps. There are more tools in this app that I can ever put on one post, but I’m going to show an easy for beginners way to lighten and brighten pictures.

Snapseed: Lightening and adding contrast
Snapseed: Lightening and adding contrast

Open the app, then pick the photo you want to edit. It’s tempting to click on a filter, but this post is to teach you how to edit your photo to your style and personalize it. Click on Tools, then select Curves. The line across the screen controls the exposure and contrast. Put your finger on the middle of the line and slightly drag the line so it’s curved. This will brighten the image. To enhance contrast, go to the bottom of the line (left hand side) and pull it a little bit to the right. With only a few clicks, it’s a small difference but a big change in your picture!

Adding exposure will brighten your entire picture, while adding contrast will brighten parts of the picture that are bright and darken what is dark which adds depth. Unless you are going for a certain look, try to only slightly adjust. Otherwise, the image will not have a natural look to it.

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    1. I use VSCO also, and lightroom is really great too. Has even more options than VSCO. I did this post first because it’s easier than the other two apps. Lightroom has options with white, shadows, blacks, and more color variation options.

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