Fresh Finds: Trucks

Reece loves anything involving transportation: cars, boats, planes, bicycles, trains, etc. His all time favorite is trucks of any kind. Pickup trucks, excavators, cement mixers, it goes on and on. I’ve learned a lot about different construction trucks after Reece was born, for instance there’s something called a backhoe, and I’ve even learned what it does. While Kat isn’t as enthralled about trucks, she still loves truck books too. This week I’m rounding up some of our favorite truck books. I’ve read all of these, at some point, twice a day for at least a month.

Little Blue Truck
By Alice Schertle and illustrated by Jill McElmway

We have several Little Blue Truck books, but this is where the blue truck love started. BEEP BEEP BEEP! Little Blue is a friendly truck with a lot of friends and a kind heart. With the books throughout the serious they help teach kindness and as a beginner book, animal sounds or different cars in the city (Little Blue Truck Leads the Way).

Goodnight, Goodnight, Construction Site
By Sherri Duskey Rinker and Tom LichtenheldGoodnight, Goodnight, Construction Site

I believe this was our first truck book. It taught me, and Reece, all the different construction site trucks. You follow the trucks through the end of their day after a rough and tough day’s work as they head off to bed.

Red Truck
By Kersten HamiltonĀ and illustrated by Valeria Petrone

It’s a snow day and the bus is stuck in the snow. All the other trucks and cars can’t get through, can Red Truck?! I won’t spoil it for you.

Where Do Diggers Sleep at Night?
By Brianna Caplan Sayres and illustrated by Christian SladeWhere Do Diggers Sleep at Night?

One of the reasons I keep this in rotation and really like it is because this was the first book we found that wasn’t 100% male. Until this book, all the truck books we read were all boy or dad trucks.

Mighty Dads
By Joan Holuh and illustrated by James Dean

Reece reading Mighty DadsA great father/son book, but Kat still really enjoys the pictures. Reece has all the construction truck sounds memorized and likes to compare the big (Daddy) and little (baby) trucks.

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