Fresh Finds

I’m going to make an attempt to have a weekly post Fridays dedicated to five fresh finds I want to share.  For now it will be children’s books that I want to share, but might expand down the road.

We Love Each Other, by Yusuke Yonezu

Super cute shapes book with cut outs where the animals are separate, then you flip the page and their love makes a shape.  Great for toddlers learning shapes and colors, but even my soon to be Kindergartener enjoys flipping through this book.

Island Born, by Junot Díaz

Reece is really into this book right now, he even had me read it to his class in school.  Lola’s teacher assigns the class to draw about where they were born to create “windows” into each other’s lives. Lola’s family left The Island before she was old enough to remember so she draws upon the memories of her neighborhood. She learns that even if she never remembers The Island is in her. Some of the content might go over Reece’s head now, but I look forward to reading it when he starts to connect more of the dots. IMG_8356

Invisible String, by Patrice Karst

This book was part of the inspiration behind Reece’s birthday party. Jeremy and Liza wake up to a loud and scary storm. Their mother teaches them about the Invisible String that connects their hearts to each other so they are never alone even when they are not together. Just pull on your heart string if you’re upset and get a tug back.IMG_8380

Rescue & Jessica: A Live-Changing Friendship, by Jessica Kensky and Patrick Downes

Most nights when I read this, I’m not a complete mess. Other nights, it’s a little embarrassing how much this book makes me cry. A little girl, Jessica, is sick and has to have her leg amputated. She wonders if she will ever be able to do normal every day things ever again. Meanwhile, Rescue is learning to become a service dog. He wonders if he will live up to his name (a brave firefighter), if his new partner will like him, will he be a good dog? Did I mention, this is based off of Jessica Kensky’s 2013 Boston Marathon Bombing survivor?

This week’s most requested book

Forever or a Day, by Sara Jacoby

A book about time and how it’s so vast but so fleeting at the same time. Live the life you have, it’s the only one you’re given and make the most out of your time. It’s written very simply, but also complex. IMG_8365

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