Reece Turns Five! – Heart Birthday Party

Reece is my gentle soul child. When I asked him what he wanted to do for his birthday, he told me he wanted a heart party. He wanted a white heart cake and love, kindness, and hearts at his party. This is a vastly different theme from Kat’s character Octonauts birthday. I put together an inspiration board and shopped at Michael’s craft store three or four times.


I found a paper heart punch, who knew something like that existed, and a pack of colored stock paper and got punching. I punched a few hundred hearts and taped randomly taped them to fishing line, then hung them on the ceiling around the house.

For our breezeway the ceiling is textured so nothing sticks (boo!!). For a little decor behind the food I taped hearts to the wall.  We hung a few lanterns also, per Reece’s request.9178852C-A7EB-466F-B7F5-769B237AD538


We did a couple cute things for the food, thanks to a few heart shaped cookie cutters.  Watermelon, cantaloupe, pineapple, and honeydew were cut into various hearts. We also made PBJ’s and made them into hearts as well. Frozen sea snails (pigs in blankets) from Reece’s party were cooked up, plus pirates bootie, chips, and goldfish because they are all toddler/preschooler hits. Reece's birthday party food


We thought it would be pretty chilly and planned to stay in the house and do a “heart hunt” game. The weather surprised us and it was beautiful out. We grabbed the sidewalk chalk and the kids drew on our driveway instead.  Turned into a great idea, the kids hardly wanted to stop for cake! I love how at this age birthday parties can still be so easy. IMG_7091

Before the cake we read The Invisible String. Reece wants me to read that book almost nightly and I had based the decorations off of the book. My husband thought the kids would not sit still for a book reading… EF0E753C-E540-4DD2-AE0D-7EEECA1B603B


Reece was adamant he wanted a white heart cake.  I was going to do this technique, but my circle pans sides aren’t at 90 degree angles, which wouldn’t work. I found the cheapest heart cake pan I could find, during my one of my many Michael’s craft store runs.

I made marshmallow fondant, successfully this time, colored smaller batches with gel coloring, rolled it out and used heart cookie cutters. I don’t think I’ve ever said the word heart sooo many times. Then, I stuck them onto the buttercream frosting. Unknowingly to me, Reece had wanted a white cake specifically was because his cousin is allergic to red and blue dye. She’s also allergic gluten so the cake was never in the cards for her. It might not be the most over the top cake, but is fun and difficulty level is low.


Tips for working with fondant I have learned since my attempt last month:

  • Let rest for 24 hours
  • If the fondant starts to crack/is too dry just add a little bit of water until it’s smooth again
  • If it’s nearly impossible to work with just pop it in the microwave 10 seconds at a time
  • Don’t throw it out if you think it came out wrong, ask social media or check out Google first! (oops!)
  • Know that it is an extra step to make your own, but it’s really not hard. Anyone can do it and for not a huge amount of effort will impress people
  • Not a tip, but, I still prefer buttercream even contrary to everyone’s claim that marshmallow fondant is super yummy

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