Reece Is Moving On From Preschool

I remember three years ago when I was so stressed out about picking preschools, worried about potty training, and juggling life with two under two.  It’s been a long and short road, now here we are. Reece is now in the limbo of preschool and Kindergarten.

After going through the preschool application process, I wish I could tell myself to not stress over it. Sure, stress about if you will get into the school or schools you apply too, but all the overthinking about which school, style, philosophy was not worth it. But if you’re a FTM, I know you are going to stress no matter how much reassurance you get to not stress, so do your thing.  I think it’s part of the process of parenting.

A lot of Reece’s friends will be doing a third year of preschool or are in the other town school district. Because of this, I made sure to sign him up for the incoming Kindergartener camp over the summer.

There are so many cool things for kids to do, it was hard to not sign up for everything.  I want the kids to still have a schedule over the summer to help transition to Kindergarten and Preschool in the fall, but still have some time for down time and spontaneity.  Most of the camps are only half days which is going to put a cramp in getting work done. Soon enough both my babies will be big kids so I’ll do my best to not feel guilty taking the summer to enjoy it. I just have to make that my summer mantra to remember that.

Aside from camp to meet friends and stay in a routine, I also got Reece a couple work books to continue his school work over the summer. Last summer we didn’t bother with school stuff and he forgot some things he had worked hard on. We won’t be going crazy but sitting down a few times a week to focus on reading, writing, and math so we don’t regress. There are tons of workbook options. Once we really get into the books we have more I’ll post some recommendations.

Workbook page of a castle
Reece’s hard work staying in the lines
Kat tracing letters
Kat wanted to work hard too, so I had to improvise a workbook for her

It’s hard to think that Reece will be going to the big kid school in a few months! I think all parenthood is a slow wait then wondering how you got to this point so fast. I’m just trying not to blink and be at their high school graduation.  How are you spending your summer? Camp, no plans at all, some school prep?

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