Kat’s Octonauts Birthday Party

This year the kids are giving me a challenge with what they want to do for their birthday parties.  Reece wants a HEART birthday, whatever that means, and Kat is obsessed with Octonauts. As usual, we had the party at the house, but since a massive tree fell in our backyard and the cleanup resulted in ruining our backyard was not an option. We also didn’t invite any family friends, keeping it to Kat’s actual friends and very close family since we would be in tight quarters.

I’ve watched a little bit of the show, but not a whole lot since they usually only watch TV when I’m cooking.  I took to Pinterest, of course, and created an inspiration board.  If you also don’t know what the Octonauts are, they are animals who are underwater explorers and go on missions to help various sea creatures.

Sea Creature Catch of the Day

I bought some pails for some of the easy to grab snack food: pirates “booty”, gold “fishies”, and “taste of” Cape Cod Chips. The cheese and cracker tray were “sand dollars” and “shark teeth,” plus pasta “seashell” salad and “sea snails” pigs in a blanket, and the pretzels in glass jars were “driftwood.”  I made a little sweet treat red octopus out of marshmallow, white chocolate, cherry twizzler strings, red food coloring, and candy eyes.  Really quickly we covered a small Amazon box with construction paper and the kids painted it in different blue paints for a food/cupcake stand.

marshmallow octopus
This little marshmallow octopus was a little trickier to make than I thought it would, but they still turned out pretty cute.
Octonauts party food
Some Octonaut food: Sea Snails, Seashell salad, Cape Cod Chips, Fishies, and Driftwood


I tried to do a little bit the morning of, keeping it simple but fun.  Cray paper twisted at different heights on the wall were seaweed and I cut out a few fish I drew from stock paper that the kids stuck around the house where they wanted to put them.  The kids and I also made jellyfish from lanterns (found at the Dollar store for $1!) and cray paper glued to the bottom of the lantern.  I didn’t get a picture of it, but we also put fish nets on the ceiling which we filled with balloons for an “under the sea” vibe.octonauts decorations


I was originally going to do all fondant, which didn’t work out.  You can see a little bit how that turned out on my Instagram highlights.  I had a little store bought fondant that I used for the top tier, then I did buttercream icing on the bottom.  Even with the issues, it turned out pretty nice and Kat loved it. Up next is our Heart birthday party for Reece, so look out for that post if you want a Love & Kindness party.


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