Second Baby Syndrome

A lot of first time mom’s who are soon to be second+ time moms are often worried, “Will I love my new baby as much as the baby I already have?”  That was never me. I knew I would love both the same amount.  Perhaps in different ways, but the same amount.  My concern was that my special time with Reece was coming to a close. We were about to have an interloper!

Being a second child, sometimes special time together is a lower priority which makes me sad because Reece had special time every day for almost two years. Even now, we go on special mommy-son dates once in a while.

It’s been a while since Kat and I have had a day of just us girl time At least it feels like it has. During our Disney trip she was alllll about Dada, and would cry if I tried to help her or carry her or look at her. Once we got back home I decided to shake things up a little bit.  We have Wednesdays when Kat is home and Reece is at school. But, it doesn’t feel like special bonding time together because we have so many obligations.  I decided to make mother/daughter bonding a priority during our solo time together.

Kat must have gotten the memo that this was a special girls day, she was happy to be with me and not demanding Dada. It started with a manicure for Kat, a trip to Whole Foods to grab a couple of things, shoe shopping, and art class. When it came to nap time I thought she would be more than ready, but of course she kept me guessing and took an hour to fall asleep, which left only 20 minutes before we had to pick up Reece at school. The horror! Kat getting her nails painted

Whole Foods shopping
Kat loves to help by putting the food into the cart.
Kat not napping via video monitor
Kat knows I’m checking the monitor. I think she’s staring at me through my SOUL!

Sometimes if you’re a mom of multiples and feel like your relationship is suffering with one child, try shaking up the routine. It can be a full blown toddler date, or as simple as switching around which kid you do errands with.

Every now and then I feel guilty over the disproportionate divide of time each of my children get. Anyone else feel like motherhood is oftentimes a seesaw of emotions, responsibilities, and time? Right now they will fight over the same exact magnetic tile out of the 100 tile pack, but a few years from now they won’t be comparing if they had the same Magnatiles or how minutes were spent with who. They will remember the overall smiles, laughs, and family time. I just have to keep reminding myself. IMG_3928Snuggles with my girlIMG_2261

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