My Spring Break Survival Plan

Last year for spring break there was one day Kat had daycare.  I decided to do a special day, just Reece and I.  We saw a trailer for a cute movie and got really excited.  That morning we headed out to the first showing.  As we ran from the car to the movie theater we even yelled “Special Dayyyyyy!!”  When I went to buy the tickets I found out the movie was sold out for all showings we could go to.  Wah-wah.

It was a little shaky for several moments but after a really trembly lip from Reece, we went to a local farm stand instead.  In the end we still had an awesome day, even with my #momfail.  I learned a lesson about spring break that day.  Have a plan, wayyyy in advance.

That week I also learned even with the best laid plans, fun things might not be very fun.  Not because things aren’t fun, if it wasn’t April vacation they would be, but everything is so overcrowded or sold out.  Not only is there no school all week but now I have to contend with a million kids in one small space or go stir crazy with two toddlers in my house. Nooo!!!

A Few Ideas For Vacation Week

  • Look for Camps.  Our art class has a camp, the YMCA, some preschools, look around.  There are a ton of options for various ages.  I do at least one camp day, for February break Reece did a day at the Y, for April he will be doing an art camp.
  • Check out library museum passes at least a week prior.  They will sell out.
  • Try to think of things outside the box. A few ideas: spending the morning in our town center, or a nice town center nearby; go to the library; head to the gym; go on a Target run.
  • Probably best to avoid due to crowds but still fun: Children’s Museums; indoor playgrounds; the aquarium.  Go right when it opens when it’s least likely to be crowded.
  • “Find a way to play together!” (Please tell me someone gets this reference) Reach out to friends to set up play dates, some friends are booked up for the week even two weeks before so call ASAP.

    Children's museum play date
    Combined ideas: Children’s Museum play date
  • Set up dentist, doctors, etc. appointments that week so it won’t be a conflict with normal classes/school.
  • If you have a day in the house check out Pinterest for ideas.  We will be starting our vegetable garden during April vacation.
  • Maybe the weather is keeping you in, consider a concentrated effort on potty training if your kiddo is showing signs of readiness.

Whatever activities and plans you make, be sure to make reservations in advance.  It helps to at least have a rough idea of what you will do each day. Don’t make my mistake and show up to a sold out show. Boo! If things do go wrong, don’t stress because while it sucks for us, the kids may cry for a minute but are easily redirected and won’t even remember something went wrong.

If you do end up stuck in the house most of vacation (which happens a lot here in Boston when it’s February), or you end up in a big crowd with small children, go with it. We don’t need to be extremely regimented, having a few ideas of things we want to do then leaving a day or two free isn’t a bad thing.  Remind yourself, it’s only a week.  You can make it!  School will be back in session… Eventually.  Good luck!

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