Cute Baby and Toddler Friendship Books

It has been non-stop birthday party season the past six weeks with only one weekend off.  We have had only one weekend without a birthday party, and some weekends with three birthdays.  My go to gift is always books.  So why not gift friendship books for our friends birthdays?  Here’s a roundup of our family’s friendship books favs, newborn up to preschool age.

Sophie’s Busy Day

Snapseed (6)

Great from newborn and up.  We follow Sophie throughout her day and how her friends help her.  Every page also has a sensory aspect, smooth, bumpy, etc. that children will enjoy exploring.

Bunny and Bee Favorite ColorsBunny and Bee Favorite Colors book

Bunny and Bee have adventures through the forest observing all the colors in the world.  This color learning book isn’t the typical – Red, the circle is red, red flower, red hat, RED – book.  There’s a small story where you follow Bunny and Bee through the forest and you can discuss the colors of the forrest on each page.

Otis Loves to PlayOtis Loves to Play book

Follow a day with Otis the tractor as he plays with his friends on the farm. The illustrations are different from other children’s books being mostly black, white, and shades of grey with Otis being highlighted in red.  Great for newborn and up.  This was a favorite early on with Reece as he has been truck obsessed since what feels like birth.

Little Blue Truck

Little Blue Truck Leads the Way book
This is Little Blue Truck’s sequel, Kat currently has hidden Little Blue so I had to improvise 

A story of friendship, kindness, and helping.  Also good for learning animal sounds.  Dump Truck doesn’t have time for the animals along the way then gets stuck.  When he asks for help it’s Little Blue who helps out.  Little Blue Truck is another book that has been well loved, to the point where we’ve on our second copy!


Oliver’s Tree
Snapseed (8)

Oliver, Charlie and Lulu love to play.  When Oliver isn’t the right size to play in a tree, Charlie and Lulu work together, finding a way for everyone to be included.  This book, at one point, was in the must read every night cycle for 6 months at one point!

Peanut & GrapeSnapseed (9)

Kat was gifted Peanut and Grape from one of our friends.  It was her very first book that wasn’t a hand me down and 2.5 years later it is still a staple in her bedtime reading cycle.  Peanut and Grape are best friends who do everything together.  If you have siblings that are super tight then this book is a must have!

Stick and Stone

Snapseed (5)

Stick and Stone were once alone.  Brought together by a bully pinecone.  Stick and Stone will always “stick” up for one another.  The story, simple illustrations, and rhyming are all so sweet.  A little wink and nod to the sticks and stones rhyme.

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