School’s Back

Summer is officially over.  I know, not because school is back, but because we have already been struck with the flu.  Reece went back to school a few weeks ago, and Kat moved up to Toddler 2 in daycare.  Then, the next week Kat had a 103 fever for four days.  All her activities and daycare had to be suspended for most of the week.

I had been really excited for September so I could have two full days of both kids in daycare for work and errands.  It was a little bit of a setback having Kat homebound, but I got a ton of cuddles and we watched movies all day.  Watching movies and TV with the kids is usually my husbands domain.  It was nice to have a (almost) guilt free excuse to hang on the couch and Netflix for days.  Sick baby Kat

Everyone, for now, is healthy and back into the normal school year routines.  We even got a few cute back to school pictures, including a couple with Mom, Dad and Kat thanks to miniphotographer, Reece.

Reece and Kat 1st day school

Back to school
Reece’s photography skills, taking a family picture

Back in the Routine

It always take a week or two to get back in the swing of things.  School starting up again is no exception.  It’s been about a month now and we are back into a groove with our new routine.  Reece and Kat are gone all day Mondays and Fridays giving me an opportunity to get productive with my clients, blog, and house projects.  I even picked up a new client since school started!

The kid’s schedule during the week is pretty packed with only one “free” day.  We hardly ever stay at home all day.  During summer our schedule is more relaxed.  We can avoid going stir crazy by turning on the sprinkler and frolicking in the backyard.  Once winter hits it’s tough to be active without obligations.  This means I’m, probably, one of those over-scheduling moms, but, for our family, this is what works best.

Dance Class

I’ve been working on making a better effort on classes just for Kat.  Reece has other plans when we go to dance class.  The result is either big brother crashing the class of tiny ballerinas like a giant beast or both of them sulking on my lap when I try to keep Reece from participating.  Not the desired outcome.

Kat at Dance
Kat having a solitary moment at dance class.
Panda dance
Reece joining while the class does a teddybear dance


When Kat has gymnastics, Reece is a preschool and is forced to be “on her own” even though it’s a mommy and me class.  Most of the time she does not want to do what the class is doing.  I never know what the “right” thing to do is.  Let her wonder around to explore?  Or, stay with the class, follow instructions and wait turns?  Half the time I’m reigning her in, the other half I let her do as she pleases.  This means she’s at the balance beam, unless that’s what the class is doing.  She’s a woman who knows what she wants.  Sort of.

Art Class

After dance is art class.  We have a time gap too small to stop at home but makes us crazy early for class.  Try as I might to delay our arrival we always end up a half hour early.  Sorry Miss Emily!

We have been going to this studio for two years, the teacher knows us well and doesn’t (seem) to mind our early arrival.  She even made an exception for Kat to be in the drop-off class even though she isn’t 3.  Since Reece and Kat are so happy to be together Miss Emily knew she could handle adding Kat in.

Other Ways We Kept Busy

When we aren’t rushing to our classes and school (or napping, whew!) we have still been able to keep busy.  It’s been an unseasonably warm fall, hitting 80F some days in October!  We’ve had stroller walks, scooter walks, fun in the backyard, and trips to the playground and apple picking.

Reece big smiles apple picking
I asked Reece if I could get a picture of him, this is what he gave me.

Kat and Reece apple picking

We even managed to have fun indoor activities with art and sensory projects, baking, and laundry.  Yes, my kids help with the laundry!  It’s not always perfect, sometimes the kids rush to do it excitedly, “Yayyyy time to put the washer clothes in the dryer! Woohoo!!” Other times there’s fighting, yelling, tears and frustration – on both sides.  After a little distraction they calm down, I ask again, and happily help out.  Ohhhh, to be a tiny human.  I’ll miss my little helpers!  Please stop growing!!

Reeces person draweing
Love seeing the evolution of Reece’s people pictures!
Sensory play organizing poms.
Kat and Reece organizing poms for some sensory play. It’s not Pinterest, but they work hard doing this for 20 minutes!

Goodbye September

Before we knew it, September ended.  Not that we can tell, with the 80 degrees weather, which I’m not complaining about!  I think I’m the only one who isn’t.  I love the heat.  I suspect New Englanders have reoccurring winter-amnesia.

September closed out with Dad going away for a week on a work trip and we finally found a lunch Reece would eat while at school (jelly and jelly sandwich).  When Dad got back, leaves were starting to turn and it was time to start thinking about Halloween.  Now, if we can just find our Halloween stuff that we moved during the renovation….

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  1. I adore all the pictures and everything you are doing wyth the kids. both of you are wonderful with the kids.melody and i just put up our decorations for holloween too. now time for the costume.

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