Cleaning Pooperwear – Potty Training Series

So you have a toddler in the underwears. Hurrah!  Sorta. Welcome to possibly the beginning of a lot of, literally, shitty days. Side note, these Gerber underwear are a little thicker and can hold things in a little better, which can be the difference between wet pants and a pool in your child’s shoes if it’s not a major accident. Check them out!  Here is my step by step guide to “easy” underwear poop cleaning.

Baby doing laundry.JPG

O.K. Step 1: Prepare for it to get messy. Invest in rubber gloves dedicated for potty training.

Step 2: Pull down pants, it’s probably gonna go down the legs. No matter what ya do.

Step 3:  Put clothing aside, wipe kid down.

Step 4: Now time to deal with the clothes.  So usually, it’s just in the underwear, sometimes it gets on the pants if your unlucky, hang in there.  You’ll get through this!  Bring it to the toilet (wear the special designated gloves!!) and reverse the underwear, letting what will, fall into the toilet. I use a wipe to get off anything that’s stuck but if toilet paper works (ours is to fragile) do that!

Step 5: Swish underwear around in the toilet, even crush it against the bowl, flush, repeat.  When it doesn’t completely want to make you die inside to put it in your washer, wring it out and do so.

Step 6: Use oxi and regular detergent in the washing machine ASAP.  If it’s been sitting (maybe this was a poop in public and had to be bagged), then spray some stain remover on the underwear.

You should come out with some clean clothing and be only slightly scarred.  Yay motherhood!

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