Kicking Off Preschool


Recently our family has started a new adventure.  Preschool!  This has felt like a long time coming, but somehow it seemed as if it crept up on me.  I thought I would be a mess and my son would handle it with toddler grace and excitement.  In some ways this has been true.  The mornings of preschool are filled with a rush of excitement to get out the door and a buzz about taking Dada’s car to get there.  Once at school all students have to take their shoes off and put slippers on upon arrival.  If you have a toddler you may have noticed, they are freaking weird about the weirdest shit. For my son, one of his things is taking shoes off.  This takes him out of his comfort zone in what is already a new and (even though exciting) unfamiliar environment.  So sadly, what would be an otherwise happy time has a bit of a gray cloud to it, which is a bummer.

Aside from the dark shoe cloud, my son has a blast at preschool, minus the several minutes of shoe dwelling and crying upon arrival.  I didn’t even cry the first day which shocked me.  I was close to tears for a moment, but persevered with smiles and happy waves.  Sometimes you expect yourself to be a mess or panic in a situation, or think you will do great and be unwavering and you end up being a hot mess.

I’ve learned with kids, you never know. Either way, on feel how you feel, be strong for your children, but let them know that it’s OK to feel sad sometimes (great, now I have a Daniel Tiger song stuck in my head).  If you want to put on the brave front then run off to the car and cry, that’s cool too.


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